Hey y’all

And. I’m. Back.

To blogging, that is.  A year and a half ago, I started my first blog to document a trip around the world.  At the time, I thought of it as a way to keep friends and family updated on our whereabouts and to describe some of our hijinks.  I thought it would cut down on coming up with cocktail party traveldotes and, frankly, justify to the haters (and to ourselves) why we’d quit our jobs to go on this nutty adventure to begin with.

We came back in June of 2011, after 364 days on the road (and air, and sea).  And although some of my most dedicated readers were unexpected – the mom of my husband’s high school friend, a former client, a 94-year-old widow in Wisconsin – the purpose of that blog has changed in the seven months I’ve been back.  I wrote it to stay connected with people I was away from; now I read it to stay connected to that time in my own life.

Since I came home and started consulting, several wizened advisors have told me to start another blog – that it’s a networking tool, a repository for the research I do, an outlet to discuss the work I’m engaged in.  I knew they were right but as it turns out I just needed the chaos of another major life change to kick it into gear.

This week, my husband and I leave on a 10 day trip to Colombia then spend our last weekend in NYC.  We return to our home of the last seven months in the Berkshires for two days then move permanently (?) to Durham, NC.

So, here we go, then.

Hey y’all